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The Ultimate Integrated Solution for Production, Animation and Broadcast facilities!

Visual Media has combined our industrial strenght asset and group management software with a fibre SAN, jahshaka's Vide I/O technology and the power of Intel processors to give you the ultimate solution!

Now you can get from 30,000 mhz to over 1,000,000 mhz of raw processing speed with JahServer customizable solutions, based on industry leading Intel processors in only 6u's of rackspace. Our industry leading solution is 10-Gigabit Ethernet based for the ultimate in file transfer speed and seamless integration, and it comes stock with over 2 Terrabyte's of storage for all your file serving needs!!!

Based on open, industry standards, JahServer is also easily upgradeable, from the component level up... so you can stay up-to-date with the latest technology, and scale as your needs demand.

  • Bandwidth configuration and monitoring tools.
  • JahServer Features
    • 1 3u Rackmount server with dual 3.2ghz Xeon 64 processors.

    • Multiple 1u Rackmount servers with dual 3.2ghz Xeon 64 processors.

    • 10 gigabytes of fast access Ram.

    • 1 Wireless keyboard and mouse.

    • 10-Gigabit Ethernet network adapters with host-offloading technology.

    • 1 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch with FC uplink option.
    • 8 x 300 gig serial ATA drives for 2.4TB of Storage.

    • Embeded server switch for module control.

    • Full Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix filesharing.

    • Web based control panel configuration tools.

    • Network Level Filesharing and asset management tools.
    Now you can grab, process and share video, render your projects and control who has access to it all all in one solution, with no wasted time! JahServer us also easy to use! Its built in webpanel allows you to install and configure it with full support for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix clients, locally or around the world, so you can be working at Mach speed in a matter of minutes.

    JahServer Options
    Data Security Module Video I/O Module
    The data security module adds a full featured hardware Raid card for the full protection of your projects.
    Available factory configured with Raid levels 3 or 5
    The video I/O module adds a full featured, uncompressed HD and 601 NTSC/PAL video card with alpha channel support.

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