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openLibraries : openNetworkLib
The openNetworkLib is a powerful library for managing and transfering assets across networks. The openNetworkLib allows you to encode and transfer assets using a variety of tecnologies from direct to p2p, and features a powerful, extendable plugin based architecture.

The openNetworkLib is licenced to the public under the GNU LGPL agreement.

The openNetworkLib allows you to
  • Keep track of your media assets
  • Play all major media formats
  • View video in any format at any resolution
  • Support uncompressed video sequences
  • Support all digital video formats including DV, SD and HD
  • Playback at any aspect ration from 4:3 to 16:9
  • Support pc formats including quicktime, avi, theora and mpeg 1-4
  • View simultaneous video out in real time
  • Capture uncompressed and compressed video in real time
  • View 3d models and scenes
  • Securely share clips on
  • View content on demand by connecting to online databases

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