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JahTools is a suite of tools that help you to make the most of your digital life! Jahtools is a suite of 5 open source tools that work seamlessly togeather: jMovie, jPhoto, jDVD, jMusic and jPlayer. With JahTools you will be able to easily:

  • edit your DV movies
  • manage your digital photographs
  • edit and playback your MP3's
  • create and burn dynamic DVD's
  • share your media with your friends and family

Jahtools also comes with full access to the jahnetwork, a online community built for todays digital artists! The Jahnetwork brings you a full suite of easy to use communication tools including:

  • secure file sharing
  • webmail
  • online storage and publishing
  • 3d interactive videoconferencing!

The best part is, jahtools is based on the award winning jahshaka toolset, allowing you to scale up to professional power if you want to take your work to hollywood!

JahTools, Serious tools for serious people.
Coming to a workstation near you soon?
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